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Why is digital-marketing important for business?

In this blog, we’ll see the many different concepts and tools from digital-marketing and how Digital Marketing helps business. We’ll also offer the steps in executing an electronic Marketing project. Digital Marketing is a fast evolving and changing field with massive scope for innovation. There aren’t any put axioms of Digital Marketing such as additional branches of comprehension. We offer basic notions and tools in digital marketing. After that, you’ve got to virtually execute the same. Afterwards, digital-marketing can be deployed by’doing’ and trying’ the notions and tools. So wanting you the finest on your Digital Marketing journey.

Any communication or trade with your clients through the web or Digital Channels can be understood to be digital-marketing. Take a glance in the attached chart; that is data published by World Bank about internet usage.
This tendency will probably continue in the future and hence it will be imperative for companies to go digital.
From the new millennium, the internet has become the most powerful medium for business promotion because countless people have use of it and also they truly are the prospective audiences to receive communications relating to your services and products.

You will find that internet usage has increased rapidly in China since 2006 and in India as 2009. It’s apparent that the internet is a powerful medium to market and promote your services and products as an increasing number of people are accessing it. Also because the use of smartphones has grown significantly in the last few decades, the internet becomes portable and is a very handy tool for your own user further increasing its usage. Please visit the attached graph. This is likely to allow us to comprehend is digital marketing relevant to organizations. You will notice that Digital Advertising will be the fastest growing tech in India in 20-16 and 17.

Video, Radio and Newsprint advertising, Hoardings, Fliers, Leaflets, Direct Marketing are just some of the traditional methods of business promotion.

Any company requires promotion because of its growth. Promotion involves communicating the existence of one’s enterprise to the maximum amount of people also to convince them to get your services and products.

Build your website

Building a website is the first milestone in your organisation’s digital marketing journey. The whole Digital Marketing project revolves around the website. The website gives basic information about your company and its products and services and this is your first advertisement post in the digital world. The website can also collect leads of people interested in your product or services. Hence with a website, you can potentially reach the millions of visitors who visit the internet. Internet users visiting your website become aware of your products and services and can contact you in case of any requirement. Thus you can increase your marketing reach.

Get a domain name

The first step in building a website is registering your domain name. If your business is well established, your brand name can be your domain name, if it is available. If its a new business, you can create an innovative and catchy domain name for your website. ‘’ is a registrar for internet domain names where you can register your domain name for a fee. There are several other registrars which you can yourself find out.

Create Content and design the website

Once your domain name is hosted, then you have to design your website and create content for it. A well written and relevant content will become popular on the internet. So you have to create good content to adorn your website. Content is the single most important factor in the success of your website. To begin with, WordPress, which is the best open- source or free Content Management System in the World, can be used to create content for your website.

WordPress has built-in ‘plugins’ for almost all website functionalities. Some of them are: Creating Posts, Creating Web Pages, Back up of data, Managing Comments( approving, unapproving, spamming, answering or deleting), Titles, Subtitles, Bold letters, Fonts, Italics, Alignment, adding links, pictures, videos etc., adding social share icons, Adding Meta descriptions, snippet views, adding tags, creating users and giving them permissions( read/ write), managing subscriptions, analytics, improving performance, creating a mobile version of the website, SEO etc. Some of the functions are built- in, whereas some plugins are free and some paid.

WordPress also has several themes for different types and uses of websites and also customizations for those themes.

Thus, WordPress helps you create a website without knowing web designing and development. Almost 20% of all internet is powered by WordPress. WordPress is also very user-friendly to use with simple drag and drop functionality.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Most of the internet traffic on the internet is guided by ‘Search engines’. You all must be familiar with Google as a search engine. The user types in words relevant to the topic he is searching for( called as Keywords) and the search engine throws results of matching websites. Needless to say, your website should be Search Engine friendly, so that whenever the keywords are typed, your website should show up at the top of the list. The techniques used to improve your search engine rankings are collectively called ‘ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)‘.



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